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Wertheimer at Red Dot Art Fair & Nina Torres Fine Art

I have been very busy these upcoming months and the outlook for the month of December looks very bright! I am set to be featured in two shows of the beginning of “Art Month of Miami” within the next couple of days.

From December 1st – 5th, three of my artworks; Acrobats LG, Jazz Ballet & Paolo & Francesca will be in the Red Dot Art Fair Miami show.  The show’s hours will be from 11am – 7pm with an opening reception on Tuesday, November 30th from 6pm to 9pm. The Red Dot Art Fair is located in the Wynnwood Art District @ 3011 NE 1st Avenue at NE 31st Street, Miami, FL 33137.

From December 1st – 20th, three other artworks of mine; Born Free, Invictus and Five Dancers will be in the Nina Torres Fine Art : Biennale show. The show will have a vernissage for the first 5 days from 6pm to 10pm. The Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery is located in the Wynnwood Art District @ 2033 NW 1st Place, Miami, FL 33127.

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Wertheimer + Riopelle Exhibition at Intercontinental this evening

After many months of anticipation, the “Wertheimer + Riopelle” exhibition will debut this evening at the Intercontinental Hotel. This exhibition is being sponsored by Galerie Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff as this will be their 3rd exhibition space.

Be sure to come and visit this critically acclaimed exhibition. The vernissage will be from 5pm – 7pm featuring a lecture by me on the history of sculpture and a presenting on Jean-Paul Riopelle by Monique Brunet-Weinmann and the artwork will be on display until September 26th. I hope to see you all there as this will be an exhibition you don’t want to miss.

Click the Thumbnail below to view the full invitation!

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The "Human Touch" Exhibition underway

I forgot to post about this due to the business season that has sprouted for the Fall. The Gateway Center for the Arts, a newly renovated gallery in DeBary, FL is holding a 1 month exhibit titled the “Human Touch”. The opening reception was this past Sunday, but the exhibition is held to open from September 12th to October 9th. I have 6 of my sculptures there on display. Be sure to check it out and enjoy the other artist’s work that is featured there. Pictures of the exhibit will be posted as soon I get them.
880 North Highway 17-92
Debary, FL 32713

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Wertheimer-Riopelle Exhibition, September 21st 2010

Next month, I will be having a very exciting two-person exhibition featuring myself and famous abstract painter Jean-Paul Riopelle which, sponsored by my Montreal gallery, Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff. They are celebrating the opening of their third gallery which is located at the Intercontinental Hotel in Old Montreal. The exhibition will take place at September 21st from 5pm to 7pm. I will absolutely make an appearance as I will be doing a lecture on the history of sculptures.

I hope you all can attend as I will have over 20 of my sculptures on display. An electronic invitation will be posted up soon on the blog and website for all to see.

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Upstream People Gallery "12th Annual Summer Online Exhibition"

Previously this year, January 2010, I had been accepted to the Upstream People Gallery’s “12th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition”. Now that it is in the middle of the summer season, they have invited me once again for their Summer Online Show showcasing four of my sculptures, one more than what they chose 7 months ago.

My sculptures, “Dancer with Shawl”, “Equality”, “Francesca” and “Invictus” will be featured in their show beginning August 1, 2010.

To view my sculptures on their website, click here.

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ArtsWest Artist Association Group Show ended

Another of my exhibitions has ended recently. I had joined late in 2009 this organization called ArtsWest Artist Association. It contains a really nice group of artists, primarily located in the Seattle,WA region. I luckily became a member of this organization and was participating in a group show.

My sculpture Hurdles/Leap was chosen for the exhibit. Now that exhibition is over, the sculpture can be found in the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery located in Bellevue, Washington. Three other sculptures are located at this gallery as well such as; Spiral Dancers, Lover’s Spiral, Paolo & Francesca and Madre Gambe Incrociate (Color).

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Multiple Sins Exhibition

Once again, I am involved with another exhibition. This one is located in Tequesta, Florida at the Lighthouse Center of the Arts. This exhibition titled “Multiple Sins” featuring artwork filling the room depicting some of the “sinful” things we love most in life. Two of my sculptures have been accepted are on exhibit currently; Addosso & Lover’s Spiral.

The opening reception was yesterday, Thursday, June 17 – 5:30  -7:30 p.m. I was unable to attend but I am sure there was a strong turnout.

This exhibition runs from June 10 – September 25, 2010 so be sure to check out my two sculptures there before it is over!

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Old article on my history

As I was sorting out my files and documents today, I had found an old article about me detailing a few history notes about me. I thought I’d share it with the rest of you.

Her work has brought continual accolades, and is on display in galleries and in public places in Canada, the United States, China and Japan. One of her proudest placement is the City of Fukuoka, which chose her “Primavera” for display in front of its City Hall for their one-hundredth Anniversary.

She has won numerous awards, including the International Arts Award of the B’Nai Brith Foundation of the United States, which brought her congratulatory letters from President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Wertheimer travels extensively, because she believes it is important for an artist to expand her vision by exposing herself to as many cultural influences as possible. She still finds her greatest inspiration in Italy, where her art truly began. ” I feel that in another life, I was Italian.”

Wertheimer believes she owes her success to hard work as much as to natural talent. It’s a belief all artists should share, she said: “I didn’t sit waiting for things to happen — I made them happen. There are many artists who are very talented, but you can’t sit there waiting for someone to ring the doorbell.”

There is more to this article but it is not in a good condition to upload. Once I do find a better copy or find the author who wrote this about me, I will put it up online for all to see.

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Fifth Avenue Art Gallery Artist Reception

My reception at The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery went extremely well. We had some unpredictable cloudy weather but it eventually cleared up by opening and the show. The visitors who came early received a personal lecture explaining the history of my career as a sculptor, an overview of my largest sculpture ever produced (Adam & Eve) and a lesson on how I create beautiful colors and transitions for all my new sculptures. Pictures are worth 1,000 words which can be seen below. There is also a promotion discount during this 1 month exhibition where any buyer receives a $1,000 discount on any sculpture they buy from this exhibition.

Best in Show 2009

Best in Show for 2009

Ellen Pavlakos with her husband and I.

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Fifth Avenue Art Gallery Exhibition has started!

My Exhibition at the Gallery at Avalon Island has ended but another starts today. Just a few miles east of Orlando is Melbourne, where my 7th exhibition of the year will be taking place for the entire month of June, (June 1st – June 30th) at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery. The gallery currently has many of my sculptures in the gallery and five more are on the way in time for my opening reception on Friday, June 4th at 5:30pm. I hope you will all be there to meet me the artist and my new fantastic colored and bronze sculptures.

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery’s address and phone is located below:

1470 Highland Ave
Melbourne, FL
Tel: 321.259.8261

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